What really matters – apart from laughing (about Mr. Me and his entourage)

Life teaches you some valuable lessons, especially when you don’t expect or desire it. But being in the eye of the storm you learn to appreciate it for a) you don’t have much of a choice and b) you can really be lifted by this if you surrender, lay down your armour and weapons and just …let go.

I guess I could tell some stories that have piled up over the last 12 months and as life rewards me for what I have accepted, praised and nourished, I just realize that I’m in a kind of flow. It’s a crazy world we are living in, no doubt. Man-made craziness though. Is there any other way of dealing with this daily madness in a more and more digital and virtual life [talking about those parts that you don’t really have power to change or withdraw from] than just laugh about it?! As they say: a day without a smile is a lost day. And a day without laughing out loud is more or less a pain in the ass.

Talking about humor on the canvass of international and American politics, laughing is essential. It’s the water you need in order to not dry up. It’s the colour in a grey world. And most of all, it’s the link between us all. No matter how we look at it or which opinion we call ours.


Be the change

I remember after 9/11 when people in NY held up a sign saying „Please don’t overreact!“… 

Well, Europe is not the US, but hopefully they never stop to talk, no matter what „actions“ are taken. There is so much conflicts in this for decades in the near east which get even worse with a war going on. And it’s a guerilla war since 2001. 

Unfortunately, there’s no easy solution, but also no moral integrity while there’s a war led by drones which regularly kills civilians. In parts, this is a moral bankruptcy, although I’d rather call it ethic bankruptcy. And it’s too often a reaction to wrong decisions taken in the past which were fueled by particular interests and didn’t come along with a major and sustainable strategy.  

These young people in Paris are misled by an instrumentalized religion, are too often full of hate and frustrated by their own lives. So the roots of the problem go down deep. And we have to look at it. Even if we might not like what we’ll see.

I hope that these attacks will not be used by certain people in Germany to argue against refugees and their religion. But this is probably hopeless. They will do so. But I hope and even pray that Germany will not be hit by such actions. But Germany is neither an island, nor am I naive.

So each of us in Europe is called to act: talk to people, discuss, be clear and strict, stay open-minded, explain, listen, understand, embrace. Help to heal. This is also a way to fight for your values and your democracy. But of course, illegal and criminal actions have to be sentenced and punished in a democracy, too.

It’s a long way and it requires patience, a cool mind and a warm heart. 

My thoughts are with the victims, their families and all the helpers who have had to face this horror. I hope you will get over this some day.

My thoughts are also with those people who lately lost their lives in Beirut and other locations. 

So like Gandhi said, be the change that you want to see in the world!

What happens when people run out of ideas in debate

When people run out of ideas in debate, they might get intolerant (which they might already have been before) and aggressive. One of my all-time music heroes found the right words some days ago in order to make this visible. Before, he had witnessed an increasing number of unqualified comments on his current astrology seminar. But the whole thing has obviously not been about astrology or one’s attitude towards it. There are obviously other things happening, displayed on the canvas of astrology as a topic or subject.

„To all those wonderful cynical English men out there who keep addressing me as an idiot, you have to understand that I don’t believe in astrology. Let me be really clear, I don’t believe in anything like that. I am an atheist, left brain, scientific minded rationalist. I study how different people from different backgrounds from different cultures and ages describe our experience here on earth.“

Well, thinking outside the box is not everybody’s favourite. In other words: you’ll find ways if you want to, you will find reasons if you don’t want.

150811_Venice Beach_Sundowner_Lifeguard_web

„I realize that I cannot bring validity to anything on a facebook post and I’m not attempting to do that, what I am saying is that when people run out of ideas in debate they resort to physical violence.

And the intellectual equivalent of physical violence is saying ‚it’s rubbish‘ before you have even entered the arena.


Music is the key

I went to a concert in Hamburg at the „Fabrik“ yesterday. Former Men at Work singer Colin Hay was in town and delivered a two set show full of entertainment, stories, endless humor and such a great voice!

The venue is very intimate and ideal for solo performances or Jazz concerts (saw there Manu Katché once, which was close to perfect…). I took one video (, because unfortunately, my battery was low right from the start). Who Can It Be Now? is surely one of the biggest hits in Colin’s catalogue.

Here is his idea about people expecting him to play those kind of hits at his concerts:

„Well, it’s funny to have a hit.
In fact, I had some.
Around 1984.
People expect me to play them.
Why not play them?
Of course, I play them.
I’m not a fucking idiot!“


Homeless / I Need Love

It was a homeless man in Hollywood who got me thinking.

We’d just flown in from San Francisco; we’d been flying

And driving for weeks. This day I saw a homeless man on

The street in Hollywood. I felt the usual mix of sorrow for him,

And anger at a society that makes a man live like this.

Later on I thought about it more, he affected me differently.

He really looked together, really organised. He was a survivor.

I’m sure his life is really tough, but I felt a deep sense of

Respect for him, much more than pity. Then I asked myself,

Why did I react this way. It struck me, that here in this crazy

World, there was a man, who drives no car, who flies no plane,

Who heats no home; in a time of global warming his CO2 Emissions are pretty much zero. This homeless man in Hollywood is a model urban citizen.

I on the other hand, I live this life of good intentions,

I travel the world, I try to be aware of the earth, I sing my songs,

I look and hope for change. But out on the road, I fly everyday,

I drive everyday, I heat my home, and burn up so much fuel

That if everyone lived like me, we’d need about 4 planets

Just to keep it all going…………………….. Shit!

Funny how a homeless man in Hollywood got me thinking….

Men like him just walk the walk, and men like me………..

Well, we talk a good talk….

It was a homeless man in Hollywood…


[ „Homeless“, Luka Bloom – Taken from the album „Tribe“]

It may seem that these two songs and their content are miles away from each other, but having taken a closer look, you will discover that „All you need is love“. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t really live at all. And you won’t respect People & Nature.

Give yourself and your heart a home!

I’m looking forward su much to seeing Luka playing LIVE in Hamburg @ Fabrik at the end of September. Pedal on…!

Crashing your own party

It seems to me that – like I’ve seen it many times ago – an IPO is rather a curse than a blessing:

Already after a few weeks – in this case already a few days – the according enterprise and especially its investors start wondering what an IPO is really good for. Because honestly speaking, it’s just for – more – money.

Do you know what a so-called ‚Hidden Champion‘ is?! It’s a world market-leading enterprise led by members of a family for decades, REFUSING to do an IPO. Hidden, because nobody really knows them, and Champion, because money does not put fog in their brains…

As I said before: I doubt that FB will be where it is now in 5 year’s time – expressing it kindly…

What do you think?!?

And I haven’t even started discussing the so-called business model of Mr. Zuckerberg’s enterprise…

By the way: The community which has given him so much credit until now are the same people which will be gone in the blink of an eye, if they get angry or feel cheated upon, and get the same or even better offers somewhere or from someone else…

Don’t they?

Read more: http://huff.to/JCCS63