What really matters – apart from laughing (about Mr. Me and his entourage)

Life teaches you some valuable lessons, especially when you don’t expect or desire it. But being in the eye of the storm you learn to appreciate it for a) you don’t have much of a choice and b) you can really be lifted by this if you surrender, lay down your armour and weapons and just …let go.

I guess I could tell some stories that have piled up over the last 12 months and as life rewards me for what I have accepted, praised and nourished, I just realize that I’m in a kind of flow. It’s a crazy world we are living in, no doubt. Man-made craziness though. Is there any other way of dealing with this daily madness in a more and more digital and virtual life [talking about those parts that you don’t really have power to change or withdraw from] than just laugh about it?! As they say: a day without a smile is a lost day. And a day without laughing out loud is more or less a pain in the ass.

Talking about humor on the canvass of international and American politics, laughing is essential. It’s the water you need in order to not dry up. It’s the colour in a grey world. And most of all, it’s the link between us all. No matter how we look at it or which opinion we call ours.

Talking about Mr. Me in the White House, it just struck me yesterday how hugely ridiculous it is from him or any of his entourage to talk about so-called fake news. Taking into consideration that supporters and pro Trump voters simply don’t realize that the unofficial presidential tweets are actually the mother of fake news. Even assuming that parts of the media are biased (which they actually should be in terms of supervising the constitution-related actions of the Trump camp and their effects on freedom of speech etc), you simply can’t say he didn’t say or write this or that, since he’s doing it all the time. The good part is that you simply have it captured within his twitter account.

By the way: I doubt that it makes sense or serves the constitution if the president of the US causes the impression that he’s beyond the law and partly acts as president, partly as a baby and partly as an entrepreneur who just cares for the benifit of his own business while being obliged to serve the American people first.

It just appears to me that he must feel so naked that he constantly has to wrap himself up in ego-related verbal diarrhea and desparetly tries to hide what everyone can see: a commander-in-chief who is completely lost and does not even have any control in regard to his own emotions and actions which totally disqualifies him for any public office. 

While just trying to manage to keep sane, I really learned to be in pleasant anticipation when Sunday morning in Germany comes closer each weekend, since SNL must have just aired another fireworks of satire and art. On Twitter, I found the following which is just great. Huge. Total disaster. Not.

One of the most fundamental abilities a person should develop and maintain in his/her life is the ability to laugh about oneself. I don’t need the expertise of a psychologist to know and realize that somebody who just cares about himself while claiming to do it all just for others, that such a person, is incapable of looking at himself with grace, dignity, intact self-esteem or even humor.

Like it or not, we are all connected. I experienced this simple finding so profoundly since last December that it even makes my day again, again and again. So how about the inaugural speech?! Exploited for own purposes. Leadership? Don’t think so. It was rather like painting the trumpesque reality on the national and international canvass. A total disaster.

In comparison to the speech of the just elected German president Steinmeier who appealed to unity and courage in his words, Mr. Me just painted everything black in order to create a legitimation to tear everything down regardless of dignity, people’s real needs or essentials of collaboration.

This whole thing called life is not about being first, second or just the rest of it all. It’s about partnership that forms a bond and creates courage instead of fear and love instead of hate.

The sad thing about it all is this sheer waste of time, opportunities and the occurrence of all those superfluous incidents that happen to people as hardship and result of this irresponsible ego show and dismantlement of constitutional values and democracy. DER SPIEGEL chose the term Mr. Me for Donald Trump which perfectly nails it. 

Meanwhile, apart from the fact that one can hardly stay away from the daily Trump dose, it’s more important than ever to mind your own business. Again, to keep sane, but also to move things forward, starting from a personal level and adding up to changing the big picture in the long run.

Just be thankful for what you’ve got. It’s an incredible lot and in the end you will just realize what you’ve had when it’s gone. Two days ago, I learned about the death of a man who meant so much to me. I wasn’t really aware how much, actually. Now that he’s gone, I sense it and am thankful for the gift and privilege of being able to share things with him. May he rest in peace and his legacy shine brighter than ever.

While I returned to music as the source of energy, solace and art, I also restored my approach to art as such. In daily life and especially also in terms of surviving and bearing Mr. Me in office, it’s totally true that: #Musicisthekeytovictory!

Enjoy your Sunday and just be!

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