Music is the key

I went to a concert in Hamburg at the „Fabrik“ yesterday. Former Men at Work singer Colin Hay was in town and delivered a two set show full of entertainment, stories, endless humor and such a great voice!

The venue is very intimate and ideal for solo performances or Jazz concerts (saw there Manu Katché once, which was close to perfect…). I took one video (, because unfortunately, my battery was low right from the start). Who Can It Be Now? is surely one of the biggest hits in Colin’s catalogue.

Here is his idea about people expecting him to play those kind of hits at his concerts:

„Well, it’s funny to have a hit.
In fact, I had some.
Around 1984.
People expect me to play them.
Why not play them?
Of course, I play them.
I’m not a fucking idiot!“

I used to work in a record company for 5 years while I was studying law in the nineties in Hannover. There was a guy from the promotion department who always claimed: „Music is the key to victory!“

Victory? On what? Against who?

Probably life. Listening to the stories and songs of Colin Hay, I had to remember this phrase. And it is probably also the answer to the question that Colin quoted towards the end of the show: „People often ask me, ‚Why do you still do this, travelling and the stuff connected to a tour?!‘

Well, music is surely a big part of that, from my point of view. And I might add that Colin added a few songs to the soundtrack of my life!

Thanks for that, mate! And of course for a brilliant concert and a night to remember!

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