Come what May – Hopefully sunny weather in each case

In order to let me even more drown in work I just thought about writing my blog entries also in French – just a joke!

But in fact I had to talk so much French lately (mostly on the phone) that I was able to recall my deepest joy in foreign languages which I had lost during my years at university. French was „replaced“ by Italian and English remained Number one, but all my plans and goals on improving both French & Italian didn’t succeed in more than using them to name the dressings for the salad…

The same with learning a completely new language: Spanish or Portuguese, especially the latter has always been on the top of my list. You might guess the result: more or less nothing.

Due to my revised professional situation I recaptured my passion for speaking & writing in foreign languages, e. g. there is a monthly newsletter I have to do. It consists of four different language sections and I’m already very busy with English & German. Nonetheless, I’m learning also by checking & reading the French and Spanish versions.

Lately, I learned that I have just entered a period of time (in fact the next 14 years) where my communications skills are very strong and powerful. No matter if I had believed in Astrology ( or not, I would have had to state now: the communication rocket is flying at supersonic speed…! Travelling is also highlighted in my „sector“. Facts: Barcelona, Frankfurt, Lucerne, Zurich, Brisbane are already more or less confirmed. Flying & talking, writing and driving – it all seems to work hand in hand. Big fun!

With May just having started, June is already knocking at the back door. I’m  looking forward to doing another seminar on colours with Max Lüscher in the middle of June in Switzerland.

Unbedingt ansehen, Probe hören und bestellen: „Der 4-Farben-Mensch“ (Hörbuch)! Ein wunderbares Geschenk und eines der besten deutschsprachigen Hörbücher überhaupt.

Come what May this month – I’m prepared and heading towards the sun. Follow me & I’ll follow you…!